London School of Economics: Where to start?

Are you on the hunt for a university degree? If so, then London School of Economics might be on your list. It may seem like an intimidating prospect at first, but don’t worry! In this article we will answer some common questions and offer tips to help ease the transition into one of the world’s top universities.

History London School of Economics

Was founded in 1895 and has since established itself as one of the world’s best universities. It is currently on a list of Top 50 academic institutions, according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2015/16).


The university is located on Houghton Street, London WCIPH on top of Heythrop College. This location makes it easy for students to commute from nearby areas such as Holborn and Bloomsbury by bus or tube (station: Russell Square), which takes only about ten minutes!

Campus Life

Good news for all you shopaholics – there are plenty of places within walking distance that offer delicious food and shopping opportunities; we recommend checking out Regent’s Park if you’re into beautiful scenery mixed with a bit of shopping on Oxford Street. Alternatively, if you’re more into museums then this is the perfect location for that too! The British Museum and Natural History Museum are only about ten minutes away by bus or tube.

If it’s good weather, there are also plenty of green spots to enjoy some sunbathing on campus as well – just so you don’t forget how much better British summertime can be compared to other places in Europe.

What courses should I study at London School of Economics?

There are many factors involved when choosing which degree course would suit your goals best; however, here are two examples worth mentioning: Law & Management. If you want an academic challenge with practical skills required for business success later on in life then it might be worth checking out the Law & Management degree on offer at London School of Economics.

This course offers a wide range of subjects on topics such as contract law, business and finance which will give you an excellent foundation for your future career in this field.

If you’re more interested in economics then we recommend taking a look into the different courses on offer here: (link to study section). The main objective is to provide students with skills needed for success within modern economy while giving them also the possibility to specialise themselves on certain aspects that particularly interest them; all under one roof!

Career at London School of Economics

The London School of Economics has a long tradition on providing students with exceptional academic skills and access to exclusive alumni network. This makes it not only an excellent choice for further education but also highly regarded by employers around the globe who recognise its name as one that stands for quality, innovation and research acumen. (link to Careers section)


  • Apply through UCAS before January 15th if you would like your application to be considered on time; otherwise you might have trouble getting onto courses on offer here because many are already full at this point!
  • Make sure your personal statement is written in such way so as to highlight your strong points as well as how they can contribute positively towards the overall learning environment within the university community.


London School of Economics is one of the top universities in the UK and offers a wide range on degree courses for students who want to succeed on an international level. With its central location on campus, it’s easy to navigate on foot or by public transportation which makes this institution accessible even if you’re coming from outside London area.

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