What to Expect at Brunel University London

Brunel University London is a top university in the UK and Brunel students come from all over the world. Brunel has been voted as one of the best universities in the country, with prestigious courses such as engineering and architecture, among others. Brunel offers a wide range of undergraduate degrees for prospective students to choose from, which can be found here.

Brunel also offers a variety of postgraduate programmes where you can study subjects such as nanoscience or media studies. With so many options available at Brunel University London, it’s important to have some questions answered before making your decision on what course to take! In this article we will answer some common questions that people may have about Brunel University London and give useful tips.

History Brunel University London

Was established in 1966 and is based on Brunel’s ‘Great Western Main Line’. Brunel has campuses located across London, Uxbridge (west London) and Swindon (south-east England). Brunel ranks highly among universities in the UK; it was ranked 20th out of 131 higher education institutions by The Guardian University Guide 2019 Rankings, for example.

What courses are available at Brunel?

There are many different undergraduate programmes to choose from depending on your interests. You can study subjects such as economics, environmental science or business management to name a few! If you prefer not to study full time but want something more flexible there are part-time degrees which allow you work while studying with no need for make-up classes. Brunel also offers the chance to study abroad through its Erasmus programme, allowing you to experience life in a new culture!

What are Brunel’s campus like?

Brunel University London has three main campuses across south-east England and West London. The Uxbridge Campus is located on 375 acres of parkland with views over the River Colne Valley Park which is great for outdoor activities such as cycling or jogging. Uxbridge Conference Centre can be hired out by students who want their own space away from halls of residence during revision season!

Brooklands House is home to Brunel’s business school where all undergraduate courses are taught including Economics, Business Management, Accounting & Finance and most degree pathways within engineering and IT.

Brunel also has a Student Services building where you can study, relax or seek advice through Brunel’s student service teams including Careers & Employability Advisors and International Advice to name only two!

What are the accommodation options at Brunel University London?

There are many types of halls available on campus for students who want to live in university residence during their studies – Brunel offers both catered and self-catering living which is great if you prefer your own space.

Halls vary depending on location; there are smaller residences located near shops within walking distance from the Uxbridge Campus while others may be found further away with views overlooking parkland. For those not wanting to stay on campus, Brunel have partnered with a number of accommodation providers in the local area to help students find their perfect home. Brunel also offers family spaces on campus for parents or carers who want to stay nearby while they look after children during term time!

What facilities are available at Brunel?

Brunel has some great technology and learning resources across its campuses including specialist equipment, libraries with computers and IT support from Brunel’s team of friendly IT technicians.

The Uxbridge & Swindon Campus Library is open 24/seven so you can study around the clock which makes it easier if you have an early morning seminar or need somewhere quiet when revising late into the night! There’s even a swimming pool where you can work out between classes – just be sure to take your swimming gear! Brunel also has a shop that sells groceries, snacks and other essentials which can be delivered directly to your room by online shopping.

Brunel’s Media Centre offers both undergraduate & postgraduate courses in the field of media including TV production, radio broadcasting or film studies.

Career Brunel University London offers

A range of services that can help you find employment after graduation, including Brunel Recruitment and Brunel Careers & Employability. Brunel Careers & Employability offers a range of services that can help you find employment after graduation.

Brunel Recruitment is the University’s dedicated recruitment service; helping students to develop their career through work experience, internships and graduate positions. Brunel also has an extensive list of links for scholarships to help with funding your studies here in the UK or abroad!

How do I get in touch with Brunel?

You can contact Brunel’s Student Services team by email or phone to speak to someone who can provide information about university life including accommodation, enrolment and more! If something goes wrong on campus the service is open 24/seven for emergencies so it’s easy to seek advice when you need it most.

You may also be interested in speaking with your tutor if there are any personal issues affecting how well you’re doing at Brunel – tutors will often offer their own support which makes them good people to turn too during challenging times!


Brunel University London offers an amazing student experience; Brunel has a long history of creating successful graduates who go on to do incredible things.

So what are you waiting for? Explore Brunel’s website today and discover the world-class education that awaits you!

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