London was named the top student city in the world by QS Best Student Cities 2020, which ranks cities based on their quality of life for students.

A big city that is the headquarters of many of the UK’s top schools and where students from other countries want to be. There are 20 colleges in London with 300,000 students, to be more precise.

This blog is about the best in the world, British – education, and anything else that has to do with Foggy Albion.

In our travels abroad, we frequently come across something that isn’t mentioned in tourism pamphlets or advertising brochures. Of course, studying is a must, especially if it is a long-term program! Where should one go? Who can I trust for advise?

The intention of our blog is to assist you discover everything there is to know about studying in the United Kingdom. We hope that, by reading it, you’ll be able to share your opinions (or dreams) about studying in England. Send a message if you live in the United Kingdom and have something newsworthy to communicate.