How far is Cambridge University from London?

How far is Cambridge University from London? One of the most common questions about Cambridge University, and indeed any university in England, is how far it is to travel there. This blog post will answer this question with some useful tips for those considering travelling to or studying at Cambridge.

History Cambridge University

The founding of the university is generally dated at 1209, when Oxford academics fled to Cambridge amid riots between “town and gown” (townspeople versus intellectuals). The authorities in Cambridge only permitted scholars under the guidance of a master to stay in the city, as a precaution against possible problems.

The aim was to provide a structured environment for people who flocked to the town in search of greater security during the Anarchy, as well as other disputes throughout England. In emulation of Oxford, Balsham founded Peterhouse in 1284, primarily to offer an organized living arrangement. Another 15 colleges were established over the next three centuries, and Cambridge received formal approval as a general studium from Pope John XXII in 1318.


Cambridge University is within easy travelling distance from many locations around London including Blackfriars and Liverpool Street stations as well as Heathrow Airport. There are also three airports nearby: Stansted (within 30 minutes), Luton (about 40 minutes) and Cambridge itself has its own airport with flights operated by Eastern Airways serving Amsterdam Schiphol during term time only.

Travel to Cambridge

Travellers should be aware that there are no direct rail services between these two major UK cities; instead travellers would first need to make their way to either St Pancras International station or King’s Cross station.

From these stations, there are direct rail services to Cambridge city centre within approximately 20 minutes. The journey from London St Pancras International station to the railway station in Cambridge takes 34 minutes and costs around £21 for a return ticket during off-peak times.

Travellers coming from Heathrow Airport would have an easier time travelling via public transport by taking either National Express coach  coach or airport express train  services onwards to Liverpool Street Station before transferring on to trains bound for Cambridge which take just under two hours in total with one change at Bishopsgate terminus required along the way.

The cheapest option of all is catching bus no X90 operated by Stagecoach.

There are two methods you can use to travel from London to Cambridge University: train or bus. Although both have their merits and will take roughly the same time during peak hours, they do differ slightly when travelling through outlying areas outside rush hour times or on Sundays.

The train journey takes approximately an hour and a half depending on where within London you start your journey; this number increases if travelling from further out of town.

The bus journey will take around an hour and a half if travelling on the X90 Stagecoach service but this time increases significantly between Christmas and New Year when many routes become subject to road closures, diversions or traffic jams due to seasonal events such as snowfall or major sporting fixtures.

If you begin your journey in London at either Liverpool Street station  or Kings Cross then catch trains bound for Cambridge which takes just under two hours with one change required along the way; fares vary depending on whether you intend to travel first class (around £55) or standard class (£23).

Campus Cambridge University

Cambridge University  is a public research university located in  the  UK town  of  Cambridge.

The two main campuses within Cambridge – known as “Old” and “New” – lie about apart on either side of the River Cam, which flows through the city centre from south to north before joining up with its tributary; The Granta.

As well as these central hubs for teaching and research, Cambridge also has several smaller colleges dotted throughout the city such as Darwin College or Churchill College that serve primarily undergraduate students undertaking further education after completing secondary school (high school).


The University of Cambridge is located in the city of  Cambridge  in the  UK, which lies about 90 miles north-east from London. Travellers are best advised to take either train or bus services to travel between these two cities as there is no direct rail link available; although both modes of transport will require a change along the way before reaching their final destination.

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